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Business Continuity

This service is based on Australian Standards HB221:2004 (Business Continuity Management) and AS/NZS IS0 31001 Risk Management,The British Standard and the British Continuity Institute guidelines. This process is linked directly to Compliance and Risk Management. It involves identifying potential risks and possible impact on your business and then developing systems, strategies and plans to prevent these eventuating, minimising their impact and ensuring the business recovers after. To ensure successful recovery and regaining control during a situation that is impacting your business involves developing business continuity, management systems for your business overall and each branch/department and incorporates associated communication plans and specific emergency recovery plans. We have templates available to facilitate this process. We also have a range of training packages available that can be delivered at Director/Senior Management levels. We can also assist with planning and conducting scenario exercises to trial your Plan and trial Management/Staff in applying the plan.