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Business Planning and Management

Our approach to business direction and management is to assist you to establish and define clearly your business values, objectives, performance measures, outcomes and targets. We also assist with the development of:

  • Strategic and business plans
  • Specific plans
    • Resources
    • Personnel
    • Quality/Safety/Environmental
  • Project plans (operational/resources/quality/safety/environment)
  • Specific action plans for improvement e.g. training, maintenance, procurement, business, team effectiveness.
  • Emergency/Disaster/Fire Plans
  • Business Continuity Management/planning
  • Communication Plans.

Part of the process in developing the above is not just completing the documents but facilitating/coaching the team (collectively/individually) in understanding the process. What needs to be done and why. This also includes establishing the context, facts, etc, before putting together the final document. Part of this is gaining an understanding of how these plans drive the development of the underlying and supporting policies and processes to achieve the plan/s, how to effectively monitor progress, the effectiveness of the plan and how to adjust if things change. It also covers how to allocate responsibilities/authorities/accountabilities for implementing the plan/s overall or components of the plan/s.

Above all we facilitate the gaining of ownership and active involvement by all key personnel. We do have templates, questionnaires etc that can help in this process. We can also carry out specific auditing and director assurance processes to give formal feedback on the effectiveness of achieving the plan/s, objectives etc. Part of the process includes defining what potential risks may impact achieving the defined objectives either positively or negatively.