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Corporate Governance

Working with Directors and Management to identify corporate governance requirements and developing suitable strategies and policies to achieve effective governance at director and operational level. All work is based on Australian Standards Series AS 8000 series. (fraud/corruption control, code of conduct, corporate social responsibility whistleblower protection). ASX principles and Corporate Governance guidelines. Australian Institute of Company Directors - Directors Guide and Duties and Australian Standards Handbook HB 254 and HB158 Guide to Control Assurances. Australian Charities Not for Profit Commission Guidelinesthe Federal Legislation "Public Governance, Performance and Accountability Act 2013" and other widely accepted National and World Standards.

This work involves integrating Governance, Compliance, Risk, Assurance, Continuity and planning by establishing a suitable overall framework and supporting policies, procedures, defined responsibilities/ Authority/Accountability, This is done at Corporate, Board and Management level. We have templates available to guide this process. We also have a variety of training sessions available for directors and senior managers. As part of the process we also advise on, and incorporate the key duties/obligations for directors and senior managers.

Our approach is a combination of mentoring/coaching/facilitating/education to gain understanding and empower the team and individuals to understand the underlying principals/concepts and how to apply to your business/organisation. We can also carry out assessments/audits to assess the effectiveness of your governance, compliance, risk, assurance framework and supporting policies, procedures/processes.