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Business Improvement/Trouble Shooting/Team Effectiveness

As businesses grow/mature at times they experience problems with their team, the way they manage, direct, plan and operate their business. This can occur for various reasons.

It is at times like this that outside help may be needed.

Our approach is to come in and review what you are currently doing, interview staff and Management and observe what is being done to identify what is happening and why, and what needs to be done to address the issues or to improve the business.

We engage with your Board, Management and workforce to establish a course of action to gain a turn-around or the desired improvement.

Once diagnosed, we then work with you and your team to gain the agreed improvement. The process covers the Organisation overall and each aspect of the Organisation.

It is based on building trust, open communication and gaining understanding. It is looking at and defining what is going on and why and defining how best to address / rectify/ Improve.

Central to this is looking at the culture of the Organisation and how effective communication, consultation and information sharing is at all levels.