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Integrated Management Systems

Our unique integrated business management systems (being used in over 40 organisations across all industry groups since 1994) are formalised systems for the management and operation of organisations or business. We are proud to say that our integrated system has achieved 3rd party certification - JASANZ for a number of our clients The concept of the system is subject to "Patent Pending". Our system is not a generic system; we focus on your key business functions and activities (what you do and how you do it), building in the requirements, principles and elements of the following Australian Standards and Legislation:

  • Quality Management - AS/NZS ISO9001:2008
  • Safety - Legislative Requirements - AS/NZS4801:2001
  • Environmental - Legislative Requirements - AS/NZS ISO14001:2004
  • Human Resources - Legislative Requirements
  • Risk/Compliance - AS/3806:2010 - AS/NZS ISO31000
  • Food Safety (where applicable) - SQF2000, AS/NZS ISO 9000 series - Legislative Requirements - HACCP Plans
  • Compensation & Rehabilitation - Legislative Requirements

The system formalises how you manage and operate your business in the key business functional areas of Information technology, Procurement, Asset Maintenance (facilities/plant/equipment),Human Resources, Finance, Administration, Marketing, Business Direction/planning/reporting etc. It covers all levels of your business and is made up of procedures/work instruction, checklists, forms etc.

Once developed and customised it enables individuals, at all levels, to carry out their job and to effectively govern, direct, manage, and operate your business/organisation. If maintained, fully implemented and improved it provides a foundation on which to demonstrate "Due Diligence". It also adds value to your business in establishing a consistent approach even when staff leave and should you wish to sell your business. It has been successfully applied across all industries, including Government, Semi Government and Not for Profit.

If you already have a formal or informal system we incorporate yours and our systems into one. It is designed to be used electronically however once developed you will need to engage an IT expert to ensure it is fully applied into your IT system.

We have a range of templates, questionnaires and training packages available for directors / managers / supervisors / workforce to assist in the above process. Our approach is to facilitate/coach/mentor you in the process, achieve understanding and ownership.

We assist you to define what it is you want to achieve, help you to identify what processes you have in place (formal or informal)and to define what standard you want to achieve.