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Governance, Compliance, Risk Assurance Training

Compliance, Risk Assurance Management Application / Workshop: 2 Day Duration Fee: $2100.00 + 10% GST

This course brings the above courses B5 and B6 together. The course covers Australian Standards AS 3806 (Compliance Program) AS/NZS ISO31000 (Risk Management) & HB158 Achieving Assurance. Participants work through (using a case study) identifying what documents (legal and others) impact an organisation. They also learn to develop a compliance and risk profile (based on the case study). Participants are broken into small groups to workshop the development of these documents. It is designed to give participants hands on experience to effectively integrate governance, compliance, risk assurance into an organisation and to use them as a management tool to improve the way an organisation is managed and operated. It is designed for Directors, Senior / Middle / Frontline Managers. Each participant will receive a workbook and a copy of Australian Standards AS 3806, AS/NZS ISO31000 and HB158.

This course (code B7) along with our External Auditor course (code A2) form the foundations to obtaining our Diploma of Quality Auditing BSB51607 (code A3).

If you have a laptop with internet access, bring it to the course.

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