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Workplace Health And Safety

These series of half day workshops are designed for Directors, Senior / Middle / Frontline Managers and Supervisors. They are designed to update, increase understanding and assist participants (in a practical way) in meeting obligations. If a participant attends each one they will obtain an extensive knowledge of the legislative requirements. Each course is designed as a stand alone but are linked. They are designed to assist employers meet their primary obligation of ensuring health & safety through risk management and the provision of safe systems of work; safe work environment, plant; information, training and supervision to ensure safety. Each course will have a simple assessment and practical activity.

Hazardous Substance: ½ Day Duration Fee: $360.00 + 10% GST

This will look at what is Hazardous Substances, Dangerous Goods, SDS and what are your obligations in managing these at the workplace. It involves conducting a risk assessment on a selected substance. Each participant receives a workbook, sample SDS, the WHS Qld Code of Practice - Hazardous Substance.

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