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Workplace Health And Safety

These series of half day workshops are designed for Directors, Senior / Middle / Frontline Managers and Supervisors. They are designed to update, increase understanding and assist participants (in a practical way) in meeting obligations. If a participant attends each one they will obtain an extensive knowledge of the legislative requirements. Each course is designed as a stand alone but are linked. They are designed to assist employers meet their primary obligation of ensuring health & safety through risk management and the provision of safe systems of work; safe work environment, plant; information, training and supervision to ensure safety. Each course will have a simple assessment and practical activity.

Electrical Safety Requirements: ½ Day Duration Fee: $360.00 + 10% GST

This course will pull the legislation apart and look at what every employer (Manager / Supervisor) has to do to meet their primary obligations 'to ensure all of their electrical appliances are electrically safe and free from electrical risks at all times'. We also explore your obligations if you lease a workplace. It will look at the additional requirements for Construction type work. A workbook is provided.

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